Israeli-Palestinian peace camp shaken but determined
Kasım 22, 2023
Iraq slams US air strikes as ‘violation’ of its sovereignty
Kasım 22, 2023
Poland charges 16 foreigners with spying for Russia

Poland said Wednesday it had charged 16 foreign individuals with spying for Russia, for allegedly preparing acts of sabotage and gathering information on military equipment deliveries to Ukraine. The charges against the spy ring, which was dismantled in March, were announced by the office of the intelligence service coordinator Mariusz Kaminski. “Charges have been filed against 16 foreigners accused of conducting espionage activities on behalf of Russian intelligence services on Polish territory and participating in an organised criminal group,” it said in a statement. “Their assigned tasks included identifying military facilities and critical infrastructure, monitoring and documenting trains transporting military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine and preparing for train derailments,” it added. The office said all of the accused had confessed to committing the acts, which also included engaging in propaganda with the goal of turning Polish sentiment against neighbouring Ukraine. Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro said on X, formerly Twitter, that each of the accused faces up to 10 years in prison. Poland has been one of the major donors of military equipment to Ukraine and served as a transport hub for arms coming from its Western allies.

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