US, Iraq to discuss timeline to reduce coalition troops: Baghdad
Ocak 25, 2024
Turkey takes final step on Sweden’s NATO membership
Ocak 25, 2024
Russia releases footage of plane crash site

Russia published for the first time Thursday what it said was footage of where an IL-76 military plane crashed after Kyiv downed the plane, and alleging that there were 65 captured Ukrainian soldiers onboard. Russia had not previously provided public evidence that the transport plane had crashed Wednesday in the Belgorod region near Ukraine. The 39-second video of the scene was released by Russia’s Investigative Committee, which said it had opened a “terrorist” inquiry into the crash, which it said was caused by a “missile from the territory of Ukraine”. It mainly showed aerial shots of a large blackened stretch in a snow-covered field with some damaged trees. The video also showed just one small destroyed airplane part of twisted metal and cables, and some human remains — a hand and an arm, though it is unclear if they were from one or two people. No other human remains were shown. Moscow says that along with the prisoners were three crew members and three military personnel, none of whom survived. Russia has not released the names of the Ukrainian POWs it says were onboard. While officials in Kyiv have not denied the Russian allegations outright, they have questioned key aspects of its narrative, such as whether its servicemen were killed.

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