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Haziran 30, 2022
NATO Savunma Yapısını Güçlendiriyor
Temmuz 1, 2022
Estonia, Latvia mull joint bid for air defence systems

The defence ministers of Estonia and Latvia on Thursday signed a letter of intent at the NATO summit in Madrid for joint procurement of medium-range anti-aircraft systems. “The aggression of Russia in Ukraine clearly shows the need for air defence systems,” Latvian Defence Minister Artis Pabriks said in a statement. He said the move would underpin regional cooperation and the Baltic neighbours’ common defence as the region responds to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Estonian counterpart Kalle Laanet said that “the NATO summit has sent a clear message that help will be given to those who are ready also to defend themselves.” Both Estonia and Latvia are EU and NATO members. A specific proposal on the procurement of the systems is expected to be unveiled at the end of July, but no details have yet been made public about the cost or delivery dates.


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