China slams ‘provocative’ US moves in South China Sea as both sides conduct drills
Ocak 4, 2024
China, US hold rival drills in disputed South China Sea
Ocak 4, 2024
NATO, Ukraine to discuss air defence after Russian strikes

Ambassadors from NATO and Ukraine will hold a special meeting next week as Kyiv urges faster deliveries of air defences after mounting Russian strikes, the alliance said Thursday. Moscow has over the New Year unleashed some of its biggest missile and drone attacks on Ukraine since the early days of the invasion in February 2022. At least 32 people were killed in the deadliest attack on Kyiv on December 29. “NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will convene a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Council next Wednesday,” NATO spokesman Dylan White said. “The meeting will be held at ambassadorial level and is convened at Ukraine’s request following recent Russian missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian civilians, cities and towns.” White added that “NATO allies have already delivered a vast array of air defence systems to Ukraine and they are committed to further bolstering Ukraine’s defences.” Kyiv says the latest attacks underline the need for Western allies to speed up delivery of air defence equipment, combat drones and long-range missiles. But the call comes as support from leading NATO power the United States is running dry due to stalemate in the US Congress. President Joe Biden has made backing Ukraine a priority and US weapons and financial assistance have been crucial in helping the pro-Western country battle against attacking Russian force. However, right-wing Republicans have led a push to halt the effort, refusing to authorise new budget outlays if the Democrats don’t first agree to sweeping, tough new measures against illegal migration over the US southern border.

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