Yemen rebels attack Red Sea tankers as shipping firms suspend traffic
Aralık 18, 2023
Israel visit ‘not to dictate timelines or terms’ on Gaza war: Pentagon chief
Aralık 18, 2023
Germany to finish deploying brigade to Lithuania in 2027

Germany said Monday that it would complete the deployment of a brigade-size military unit to Lithuania in 2027, adding that it had never before stationed so many troops abroad on a permanent basis. “In just three years, at the end of 2027, the brigade will reach its full operational capacity,” German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius said during a visit to Baltic NATO member Lithuania. The German armed forces have “never permanently stationed that many soldiers abroad”, Pistorius told reporters about the military unit that will number 4,800 people, including civilian employees. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany “understood the new realities of security policy”, he said. “We are sending a clear signal to those who threaten peace and security in Europe.” Pistorius and his Lithuanian counterpart Arvydas Anusauskas signed a roadmap for the deployment to ensure the process goes smoothly for both the soldiers and their families. Germany said earlier this year that it was ready to station a “robust brigade” in Lithuania on a permanent basis, as Berlin announced its commitment to bolster the security of NATO’s eastern flank after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Germany later confirmed that five battalions, including a tank unit, would be stationed when Lithuania finishes building the infrastructure, including schools and leisure places for the families of the soldiers. Anusauskas told reporters he expected an advance team from Germany to arrive in Lithuania in the spring that would oversee the brigade deployment. Germany already leads the multinational NATO battalion that has been stationed in Lithuania since 2017.

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