Flights resume at Munich after snow, trains still disrupted
Aralık 3, 2023
Denmark calls in army to defend Jewish sites, citing terror threat
Aralık 3, 2023
Ukraine says 1 dead after Russian drone and missile attacks

Ukraine said on Sunday a man had died in a Russian airstrike near the southern city of Kherson, adding it had downed 10 drones and a missile fired by Russia overnight. The 78-year-old man died on Sunday morning when the village of Sadove was bombarded, said the head of the regional military administration, Roman Mrochko. Russia had attacked several locations in Ukraine overnight, using a total of 12 Shahed drones, Ukraine’s armed forces said in its daily briefing. It said it had also intercepted a guided Kh-59 missile. Sadove is located on the bank of the Dnipro river, which marks the front line between Ukrainian and Russia forces. Russia has used hundreds of Iranian-made self-detonating Shahed drones to attack targets across Ukraine since its fully-fledged invasion in February 2022. Ukraine has boosted its air defence systems since last winter, when Russia bombarded the country’s energy infrastructure, in a bid to cripple it during winter. Russia on Sunday accused Kyiv’s forces of striking several villages in its Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine. Belgorod governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said drones and artillery fire were directed at several Russian villages, without causing casualties or major damage.

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