CANiK’ten Sanatla Buluşan Savunma: ART of Defence
Aralık 29, 2023
ASELSAN 65 Milyon Dolarlık Anlaşma İmzaladı
Aralık 29, 2023
UK minister says sending air-defence missiles to Ukraine

UK Defence Minister Grant Shapps on Friday said Britain would send around 200 air-defence missiles to Ukraine following a deadly wave of Russian strikes. “The UK is moving rapidly to bolster Ukraine’s air defence, in the wake of Putin’s murderous air strikes. Hundreds of British-made air-defence missiles are being sent to ensure Ukraine has what it needs to defend itself from Putin’s barbaric bombardment,” Shapps posted on X, formerly Twitter. The missiles would restock British gifted air defence systems capable of striking down Russian drones and missiles “with incredible accuracy”, the Ministry of Defence added. The UK manufactured advanced short range air-to-air missiles (ASRAAM) are designed to be launched from aircraft including the UK’s Typhoon and F-35 fighter jets. They had been shown to be “very effective yet low-cost solutions to the frontline to meet urgent requirements”, with a reported hit rate of as high as 90 percent against some Russian air targets, the ministry statement said. “Ukrainian operators have become adept at their usage and have asked for more missiles to protect their country,” it added.

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