Suspected pirates hijack trawler off Somalia: Sri Lanka navy
Ocak 28, 2024
Two dead in light aircraft crash in Belgium: police
Ocak 28, 2024
UKraine hit by overnight Russian strikes across country

Russia carried out overnight drone and missile attacks on four regions of Ukraine, wounding at least three people, the Ukrainian armed forces said on Sunday. According to the air force, eight Shahed-type explosive drones, two Iskander missiles and three S-300 missiles were launched, four of which were shot down. The air force said that civilian sites and “critical infrastructure” were attacked in central Poltava, eastern Donetsk, southeastern Zaporizhzhia and and central Dnipropetrovsk. It gave no further details. The prosecutor’s office for Donetsk said one missile had fallen on a residential area in the city, causing injuries. It said a 15-year-old boy and a 35-year-old man had suffered cuts and bruises, while in a neighbouring house a 30-year-old resident had head trauma. Cities and towns close to the sprawling frontline in the east and south have been subject to daily shelling in the near two years since Russia invaded, although Moscow has repeatedly denied targeting residential areas. According to the United Nations, at least 10,000 civilians — likely many more — have been killed in Ukraine since February 2022. To counter Russian attacks, Ukraine is heavily dependent on weapons and ammunition supplied by the West. Aid from the United States and the European Union, however, is currently at a standstill.

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