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Ocak 17, 2016
KA-52 savaş görecek
Ocak 19, 2016
Russia’s Navy to get 42 new ships in 2016

Navy plans to receive 42 new ships and vessels in 2016 and another 15 will be
laid down according to the head of the Navy’s shipbuilding management
department, Captain 1st Rank Vladimir Tryapichnikov.

News Agency TASS reported Russian News Service radio station interview with
Tryapichnikov on Saturday. “In 2016 we are planning to get 42 surface
combatant ships, boats and fleet support ships,” Captain Tryapichnikov
said and added “Also, we have plans to lay down 15 warships, boats and
support ships.” Tryapichnikov announced that the long waited multipurpose
strike frigate Admiral Gorshkov incorporating stealth technologies would become
operational in the Russian Navy in 2016 after tests.

The Admiral
Gorshkov-class frigates, also known as Project 22350, have been designed by the
Severnoye Design Bureau.

22350 is the effective successor of the Krivak class. Unlike their Soviet-era
predecessors the new ships are designed to perform multiple roles. The ships
are to be able to execute long-range strikes, conduct anti-submarine warfare
and to carry out escort missions.

The lead
ship, Admiral Gorshkov (actual name Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union
Gorshkov), was laid down on 1 February 2006 in Severnaya Verf Shipyard at St.
Petersburg. The ship was planned to be ready by 2011.

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