N. Korea fires ‘military spy satellite’, Seoul says
Kasım 21, 2023
Stampede kills 37 during Congo army recruitment drive
Kasım 21, 2023
Japan condemns N. Korea launch in ‘strongest possible terms’

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida condemned late Tuesday North Korea’s missile launch, saying it was a breach of UN resolutions. “We have already made a strong protest against North Korea, and we have condemned it in the strongest possible terms,” Kishida told reporters at his office. “Even if they call it a satellite, the launch of an item that uses ballistic missile technology is clearly a violation of the relevant United Nations resolutions,” he said. South Korea’s armed forces said earlier that North Korea had fired what it claims is a military spy satellite after two previous failed efforts this year. Japan issued an evacuation order to residents in the southern region of Okinawa before rescinding the call after the missile passed into the Pacific Ocean just before 11:00 pm (1400 GMT). Media reports said locals were startled by the loud, late-night public announcement. Kishida also said Japan would deal with the issue together with the US, South Korea and other relevant countries. “This is a significant situation that affects the safety of Japanese people. We will continue to gather information and stay vigilant,” Kishida said, adding that he was yet to receive reports of any damage.

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