Ocak 19, 2022
Shot Show 2022’de Türk Firmaları da Yer Alıyor
Ocak 20, 2022
N.Korea hints at possible restart of nuclear or long-range missile tests: KCNA

North Korea on Thursday hinted it could resume its nuclear and long-range ballistic missile tests, as a politburo meeting run by leader Kim Jong Un prepared for a “long-term confrontation” with the United States, state-run media reported. The meeting of the party Central Committee’s Political Bureau “gave an instruction to a sector concerned… to promptly examine the issue of restarting” all activities that had been temporarily suspended, KCNA reported, in a likely reference to Pyongyang’s nuclear and ICBM programs. “The hostile policy and military threat by the US have reached a danger line that can not be overlooked any more,” KCNA said.


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