Israel army says investigating soldier over killing of detained Gazan
Ocak 2, 2024
Kyiv says Russia fired 99 missiles on Ukraine, 72 downed
Ocak 2, 2024
Airliner on fire on runway at Tokyo’s Haneda airport: TV images

A Japan Airlines airplane was in flames on the runway of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport on Tuesday, television pictures showed. The images on broadcaster NHK showed the plane moving briskly along the runway before an explosion of orange flames burst from beneath it. The cause of the incident was not immediately clear, but television reports said that the Airbus collided with a coastguard aircraft. It was also unclear how many people were on board but reports said passengers were being rushed off. Officials were not immediately available for comment. The television footage showed flames coming out windows and the plane’s nose on the ground as rescue workers sprayed it. There was also burning debris on the runway.

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