Dagestan officials say police ‘working’ at airport stormed by mob
Ekim 29, 2023
Dagestan airport ‘freed’ from mob: Russian aviation body
Ekim 29, 2023
Russia closes Dagestan airport invaded by mob

Russia’s aviation agency closed down Dagestan’s main airport Sunday, diverting flights, after a mob stormed it looking for Israeli citizens following reports that a plane from Israel was arriving. “Following the entry of unknown people into the traffic zone of Makhachkala airport, it has been decided to temporarily close the airport to arriving and departing flights,” said Rossavitsia, adding that the security forces had arrived there. According to Russian state media Izvestia and RT, several dozens men came into the airport and onto the runway, reportedly after being told that a place had arrived from Israel. Videos published on Telegram showed men crossing barriers, taking control of cars who left the airport and coming into the airport. One video showed a man who had climbed on onto the wing of a plane belonging to the Russian Red Wings company. According to Flightradar, a Red Wings flight coming from Tel Aviv had landed in Makhachkala at 7:00 pm local time (1600 GMT). According to the Russian independent media Sota, the flight was meant to transit in Makhachkala before flying on to Moscow. According to images posted on social media, some of those in the mob had asked to look at the passports of people at the airport before heading for the plane. One of the men held a poster that read “Killers of children have no place in Dagestan” and others shouted “Allah Akbar” on the videos. The Kremlin has not yet commented on the events. Earlier on Sunday, the RIA Novosti news agency reported that a Jewish centre in another North Caucasus republic — Kabardino-Balkaria — had been set on fire in the city of Nalchik.

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