Pentagon chief calls for more aid for Gaza’s displaced
Aralık 18, 2023
Pentagon chief calls on Hezbollah to avoid provoking wider conflict
Aralık 18, 2023
US will ‘continue’ to provide arms to Israel: Pentagon chief

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin on Monday said the United States will provide more arms and munitions to Israel, as he warned Iran to “stop” supporting Huthi rebels who were attacking vessels in the Red Sea. “We’ll continue to provide Israel with the equipment that you need to defend your country… including critical munitions, tactical vehicles and air defence systems,” the US Defense Secretary said, according to a statement from the Israeli prime minister’s office. “In the Red Sea, we’re leading a multinational maritime taskforce to uphold the bedrock principle of freedom of navigation. Iran’s support for Huthi attacks on commercial vessels must stop,” Austin said.

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