US will ‘continue’ to provide arms to Israel: Pentagon chief
Aralık 18, 2023
PAVO Group, PAVO ALLIANCE Programını Başlattı
Aralık 18, 2023
Pentagon chief in Israel visit warns Hezbollah of ‘wider conflict’

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin on Monday urged Iran-backed movement Hezbollah to avoid provoking a “wider conflict” amid near-daily skirmishes along the Israel-Lebanon border since Israel’s war with Hamas. The frontier has seen escalating cross-border fire, mainly between the Israeli army and Iran-backed Hezbollah, which says it is acting in support of Hamas. “We call upon Hezbollah to make sure that they don’t do things that would provoke a wider conflict,” Austin said at a joint press conference with Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant. “We’ve been clear that we don’t want to see this conflict widen into a larger war or a regional war,” Austin said. Asked if Israel was planning for a ground operation in the north, Gallant said “diplomacy is the preferred way” but stressed “we are preparing ourselves (for) any situation that is needed.” Since the Israel-Hamas war began in early October, more than 130 people have been killed in hostilities on the Lebanese side of the frontier, according to an AFP tally, most of them Hezbollah fighters but also including a Lebanese soldier and 17 civilians, three of them journalists. On the Israeli side of the border, five civilians and seven soldiers have been killed, authorities have said.

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