Israel ground forces still ‘operating in northern Gaza’ Saturday: army
Ekim 28, 2023
ASELSAN Ailesinden Cumhuriyet Yürüyüşü
Ekim 28, 2023
Israel forces still in Gaza more than 24 hours into ground op: army

Israeli ground forces were operating in the northern Gaza Strip Saturday, the army said, more than 24 hours after entering the Palestinian territory three weeks into war with Hamas. “Since early Friday evening, combined combat forces of armour, combat engineers and infantry have been operating on the ground in the northern Gaza Strip,” an army statement said. Israeli forces have made several smaller-scale ground incursions inside Gaza, but the current one has been their longest presence in the territory since violence erupted with a deadly Hamas assault on October 7. Earlier on Saturday, Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said the war had “entered a new phase” with the intense overnight bombing campaign. “Last night the ground in Gaza shook. We attacked above ground and below ground,” Gallant said in a video statement, alluding to the network of military tunnels Hamas has built under Gaza. “The instructions to the forces are clear: the action will continue until further notice.”

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