Iran Guards launch missile attack on ‘terrorist groups’ in Arbil: media
Ocak 15, 2024
Iran Guards hit ‘terrorist’ targets in Iraq, Syria
Ocak 15, 2024
Iran Guards launch attack on ‘terrorist’ targets in Syria: media

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards launched missile attacks on “terrorist” targets in Syria in retaliation for twin suicide bombings in Iran this month for which the Islamic State group claimed responsibility, state media reported. “The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps… has identified locations of gathering places of commanders and main elements related to recent terrorist operations, in particular, ISIS, in the occupied territories of Syria and destroyed them by firing a number of ballistic missiles,” the Guards’ Sepah News website said. It added that the attack was in “response to the recent crimes of the terrorist groups that unjustly martyred a group of our dear compatriots in Kerman and Rask”.

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