Kuzey Kore’nin denizaltı denemesi sahte olabilir
Ocak 15, 2016
SNC Türkiye’de uçak, ABD’de uzay mekiği yapacak
Ocak 17, 2016
France to Upgrade SAMP/T

directorate of armament (Direction Générale de l’Armement/ DGA)  has launched a modernization program for the
country’s SAMP/T ground based air defence system. The Aster Block 1 NT (New
Technology) programme will cover the modernization of the Aster 30 interceptor
and associated SAMP/T extended range air defence system that will evolve to
provide missile defence capabilities. The modernization of the current SAMP/T
system will enhance the capabilities of the system, particularly against
ballistic missiles. Aster 30 is currently in service with French and Italian

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