F-35 Statement from SSM
May 29, 2018
NATO should adopt hybrid warfare trigger: British rapporteur
May 31, 2018
Wilson; S-400 is not a Problem for NATO

US Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson, said that procurement of S-400 missiles of Turkey is not constitute a problem in terms of NATO alliance.

Washington-based Atlantic Council held “Strengthening the Alliance US: Conversation with the Secretary of the US Air Force” (Strengthening US Alliances: the Secretary of the Air Force) Republican politician speaking at a panel titled and US Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson, ansewered a question about Turkey's procurement of the S-400 air defense systems from Russia. Wilson, that there are operational concerns on the issue and stated that it discussed with the Defense and Foreign ministries before Turkey.

Wilson, in a nutshell, said: “In particular, there are operational problems in terms of where it is stationed in Turkey of advanced fighter aircraft. They are in the NATO alliance and at the same time the United States has aircraft, like the F-35's. Turkey is a F-35 partner, but we do not want to deploy these aircraft S-400 to a close. Negotiations with Turkey continues and I am hopeful that this issue will be resolved in taking delivery of this aircraft. “

Wilson, “Is the S-400 for Turkey would pose a problem in getting NATO alliance” the question gave the following answer:

“No, I do not think so … I do not directly address these issues to NATO alliance, we always want our allies to work with NATO and buy equipment that will not pose a threat, and this is also where we are. Sometimes the United States is part of the problem. We have some allies who want to buy an aircraft but because of the export restrictions that we can not sell to them so we are putting them in a situation that forces them to buy Chinese unmanned aerial vehicles and intelligence, observation and discovery equipment.

Heather Wilson noted that as a solution, the US should be a partner to help its allies in this regard and adjust export restrictions to meet equipment demands.

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