€47 Million Order to Turkish OTOKAR
May 5, 2017
ASELSAN 120 mm Mortar System, IDEF ’17
May 9, 2017
Welcome IDEF

“Numbered days pass quickly.”; so they say… The countdown to IDEF, which began in November, ended rapidly. Today, the Fair is opening its door to visitors.  As C4Defence, we welcome you with special content on IDEF, taking pride in the fact that we are celebrating the publication of our 50th issue. Let us take a look back in the history of C4Defence, which has always prioritised being a sectorial pioneer in Turkey. Your Magazine introduced desktop publication in the defence sector. It became the first bilingual magazine published in Turkish and English, to communicate Turkey’s voice to the world and to convey developments in the world to the Turkish reader. With the addition of French news by the reputed French news agency Agence France-Presse, it is now the only magazine to be published trilingually. It offered a fresh perspective in defence publishing by “real-time” sharing of defence news, rather than meeting with readers on a monthly basis. On our website, sectorial news appeared daily, even at the very moment when they were launched. The Magazine sustained this trend ever after. 
Thanks to these efforts and, in line with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s ideal “to spread Turk’s voice over the world”, the Magazine is currently followed by 183 countries out of 193 UN member countries. This became possible by publishing 10 Turkish-English news and approximately 40 English-French news per day. Thus, it became a frequently visited venue for defence enthusiasts in four corners of the world.

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