Italy to Place Third Batch Submarine Order
February 12, 2018
France to Buy 2000 Armored Vehicles
February 14, 2018
USAF Requests Budget Boost in FY2019

The US Air Force’s proposed budget for FY2019 calls for a 12 percent increase from FY2018 and includes increasing the number of F-35As, KC-46 tankers, MQ-9 Reapers. 

According to budget documents released by the Pentagon Monday, the Air Force hopes to acquire 48 F-35A fighters in 2019 along with 15 KC-46 tankers which is the same as in the previous two years. Planning to retire MQ-1s starting from this year, USAF wants to buy 29 MQ-9s as replacement. 

The funding for B-21 bombers is also included in the budget proposal as B-1 and B-2s are slated to be retired, as well. Another increase in FY2019 budget will be for the new Advanced Pilot Trainer, or T-X, from $106 million in 2018 to $265 million in 2019.

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