Italy to Place Third Batch Submarine Order
February 12, 2018
General Atomics To Collaborate With Boeing on MQ-25
February 14, 2018
USAF Requests Budget Boost in FY2019

The US Air Force’s proposed budget for FY2019 calls for a 12 percent increase from FY2018 and includes increasing the number of F-35As, KC-46 tankers, MQ-9 Reapers. 

According to budget documents released by the Pentagon Monday, the Air Force hopes to acquire 48 F-35A fighters in 2019 along with 15 KC-46 tankers which is the same as in the previous two years. Planning to retire MQ-1s starting from this year, USAF wants to buy 29 MQ-9s as replacement. 

The funding for B-21 bombers is also included in the budget proposal as B-1 and B-2s are slated to be retired, as well. Another increase in FY2019 budget will be for the new Advanced Pilot Trainer, or T-X, from $106 million in 2018 to $265 million in 2019.

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