VL-MICA anti-aircraft missiles for the Egyptian frigate MEKO-A200
September 20, 2020
Australia Launches 35kg Commercial Rocket into Atmosphere
September 22, 2020
US deploys additional troops and Bradley To Syria


The US has sent additional troops and Bradley fighting vehicles into eastern Syria after a rise in tensions with Russia in the region. Six armoured vehicles were and 100 people were sent to Syria.

US Bradley fighting vehicles were pulled out of the region last October by Donald Trump, who tried in early 2019 to recall all US troops from Syria, before agreeing to leave a few hundred to protect oil wells.

At the end of August, seven American soldiers were injured in a collision with a Russian vehicle.

Videos posted on Twitter, apparently filmed by witnesses and the Russians themselves, showed Russian armour and helicopters attempting to block American vehicles and then force them out of the area.

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