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July 26, 2018
Israel Poised to make $11 Billion Aircraft Deal with Boeing
July 28, 2018
US $ 195 Million Military Aid To Egypt

US President Donald Trump has decided to release $ 195 million military aid to Egypt, which last year had decided to freeze because of concerns about human rights.

“Recognizing the measures taken by Egypt over the past year, in response to the US's comparable concerns, and in the context of our efforts to further strengthen this partnership, the (American) government decided to allow Egypt to make use of the $ 195 million “remaining from the October 2016-September 2017 budget, a State Department official said on Thursday at the French News Agency Agence France Press.

“The United States remains determined to strengthen its strategic relationship with Egypt,” she said, noting in particular “our common goals in terms of security and the fight against terrorism.”

US military aid to Egypt was partially suspended in 2013 by the previous US government under President Barack Obama, during political turmoil within country.

In August 2017, President Trump announced that he has ratified a $ 195 million freeze, saying he would have expected “progress” in Egypt on “democracy” after Cairo adopted a controversial law on non-governmental organizations.

-k 195 milyon dolarlık bir donmayı onayladığını duyurdu.

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