Multinational Multirole Tanker Started Training
July 21, 2020
Cruiser Firing Exercise at North
July 23, 2020
Unmanned “Camel” in Trial

In the light of changing combat doctrines and concepts, interest to unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) is also increasing.

Ukraine continues to studies on manned and unmanned ground vehicles of different types and sizes. Last week, the Central Research Institute of Armaments and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced that tests for the new unmanned ground vehicle called “Camel” were started. Equipped with a remote-controlled weapon system, the platform was subjected to mobility and manoeuvring trials in different areas such as off-road, forest and residential areas. It is stated that the vehicle, which has a modular structure, can be used in the resupply missions for the operation of mechanized units in the residental environment.

Developed by Global Dynamics company, Camel has high off-road capability thanks to its separate electric motor and special suspension system on each wheel. In addition to the safe remote control system, the platform's modular structure armour, which can be controlled with fibre-optic wire, allows the damaged components to be replaced quickly. The platform, whose main task is to resupply, can be equipped with a combat module and can perform fire support tasks.

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