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January 30, 2020
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February 1, 2020
UK’s Card for Scotland; £1.7bn a year Defence Expense

The United Kingdom officially exits from the European Union with concerns about Scotland behind.

Political aspirations have peculiar and unexpected results. British conservatives voted against the European Union with the fear that the Union would divide them. The result, however, brings the concern to reality. While the member of Kingdom leaves Union, Scotland wants to stay. The Kingdom self divides.

Under the shadow of Britain exiting from EU, British defence journal announced the cost of defence for Scotland, if It will separate from Kingdom to be part of the Union.

The Ministry did not mention but the cost includes only military procurement spend in Scotland but it does not mention the next question NATO. It should be noted that if Scotland decides to separate itself from the Kingdom, it will be no longer a member of the NATO alliance. Not only it will spend more to promote its defence, but it will also have to persuade London for its membership to the Alliance.

According to the Defence Ministry, UK defence procurement worth more than £1.7bn a year to Scotland. 

The article says; “New figures from the Ministry of Defence claim that the military procurement spends in Scotland has risen to £1.76 billion in 2018/19, the fifth year running there has been an increase.

According to the figures, this is up from £1.64 billion the previous year and an increase in per person spend to £320. And the number of Scottish industry jobs this supports has increased from 10,100 to 10,200, claim the MoD.

UK Government Minister for Scotland Douglas Ross said:

“These figures show that not only does defence play a crucial part in the security of the United Kingdom but it also contributes to Scotland’s prosperity in high-skilled employment and investment. The UK Government is ensuring this continues. We have announced that Babcock – including its key Rosyth yard – will build the MOD’s Type 31 Frigate keeping Scotland at the forefront of a renaissance in UK shipbuilding. The Type 26 programme has already secured 4,000 Scottish jobs and 20 years of work on the Clyde. Our nation has a proud military history, and also a bright future in Scotland and across the rest of the UK.”

The Ministry of Defence says that thousands of regular personnel and reserves are based in Scotland.

“A further 550 extra military personnel and their families will be based in Moray by 2024 and the numbers of personnel at Her Majesty’s Naval Base on the Clyde is also increasing. The MoD’s equipment plan is supporting Scottish business, jobs and skills far into the future; helping to make Scotland one of the most competitive places in the world to innovate, build the business and deliver security.”

Scotland will see a further £1.5 billion of defence investment in infrastructure over a 10-year period on improved facilities at Faslane, Coulport and RAF Lossiemouth.

Defence investment in Scotland includes:

HMNB Clyde will be home to all of UK’s submarines by 2020.

RAF Lossiemouth is one of the RAF’s three fast jet operating bases, including Quick Response Alert (QRA) interceptors. It will soon be home to an additional Typhoon squadron.

The first of 9 Boeing P-8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft will arrive in Scotland shortly.

In total, RAF Lossiemouth will benefit from around £400 million of investment.

Boeing and the UK Government are building a new £100 million operational support and training facility for Poseidon, creating more than 100 new jobs.”

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