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October 20, 2020
Concept Submarine of the Future Introduced
October 22, 2020
Ukraine: “Together with Turkey, we will produce Corvette, Motor and UAV”

Between Ukraine and Turkey, the associated with the defence industry is increasing. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy, speaking in the Ukrainian Parliament, said that many countries are working to improve his country's armed forces. “The US Congress has approved $250m in military aid to Ukraine. We have signed a 1 billion 250 million Pound agreement with the United Kingdom to strengthen the Ukrainian Navy. We're going to get the Island-class patrol ships. Together with Turkey, we will develop air defence systems by producing corvette, engines and military drones,” Zelenskiy said.

Zelenskiy visited Ankara last week with a delegation. “We are buying drones from Turkey. Ukraine, on the other hand, produces engines for drones. Therefore, it will not be very difficult for us to start a joint venture,” Ukrainian President Zelenskiy said.

Ukraine bought six Bayraktar TB2 Tactical Armed/ UAV System, and three ground control stations from Turkey last year.


Turkey pledges to provide US$26m to help Ukraine meet its military needs

Vadim Nozdriya, General Manager of Ukrspetseskport, one of the country's state-state-state firms, said they are interested in the joint production of Bayraktar TB2 UAVs in Ukraine and plan to buy 48 co-production platforms.

In September, Antonov CEO Oleksandr Los stated that the company is committed to cooperating with the Turkish aerospace industry for the production of AN-178 aircraft. Zelenskiy said, “As for the Antonov plane… We are absolutely satisfied with the attention shown to this initiative.”

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