Hanwha to Deliver K9 Howitzer and K10 to Norway
November 14, 2022
Lockheed Martin Announces Results of US Army’s Long-Range Ammunition Shooting
November 15, 2022
Ukraine Increases Purchase of Air Defence Systems from the West

Announcing on Monday that it has received more air defence systems from its Western military allies, Ukraine said the weapons will help defend against Russian attacks that have recently targeted its energy infrastructure.

Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said in a post on his social media account: “NASAMS and Aspide air defence systems have arrived in Ukraine! These weapons will significantly strengthen the Ukrainian army and make our skies safer. We will continue to hit enemy targets that attack us. Thank you to our partners Norway, Spain and the USA.”

Russian attacks destroyed about a third of power plants in Ukraine last month. Officials in Kiev said on Monday that the situation with the city’s ability to provide energy to residents remained “tense” and urged Ukrainians in the capital to limit electricity use during peak hours. “We ask all residents to support energy workers in the fight on the energy front” in a statement on the social media platform Telegram. In addition, Reznikov announced last month that Ukraine has received the first Iris-T defence system from Germany.

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