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June 22, 2018
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June 24, 2018
UH-1Ns Close to Retirement

According to a statement made by the US Air Force (USAF), UH-1N utility helicopters in the USAF will be retired soon. UH-1N Twin Huey helicopters, which have been in different missions for 46 years, are deployed in seven different air bases in the US. The helicopters to replace the UH-1N have not yet been selected. The selection is to be completed within the year following completion of necessary analyzes and deliveries to be completed between 2020 and 2032.

The UH-1N Twin Huey, the twin engined version of the UH-1 Huey, which can be described as the first utility helicopter, has a maximum take-off weight of 4.76 tons and a range of 483 kilometers. Powered by two Pratt & Whitney T400-CP-400 turboshaft engines, the platform can carry eight soldiers. Twin Huey's payload capacity is 2 tons.

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