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January 21, 2017
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January 23, 2017
Two New Products Count Days Prior Delivery to TuAF

Turkish Mnistry of National Defence announced two new communications products, both manufactured by the same company, on its official twitter account. Accordingly, an indigenious X-Band EPM Modem, which constitutes an important part of satellite communication, has entered the Turkish Armed Forces inventory. On the other hand, an indigenious line of sight data link capable of controlling and enabling communications of unmanned aerial systems from 200 km will be commissioned within this year. The announced products are being manufactured by CTech company. The indigenious line of sight data link is technically designated as Skyline Communications Terminal / LOS. LOS uses a wave form developed by the company to ensure the security of communications. This provides additional protection to the system in terms of data and command transmission. While foreign equivalent products feature commercial components, CTech products' components and power units are designed only for military purposes. The company's product is able to relieve heat autonomously which provides a great advantage to the UAV as the heat do not affect the vehicle. The company is expected to deliver the product in shorter time than its foreign equivalents.

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