GE has Trouble with Cash Flow Due to Virus
May 2, 2020
Domestic SeaEye-Ahtapot for MILGEM
May 4, 2020
Two Major Contracts Soon

The equipment and armament investments of the army are continued by adapting to suddenly changing conditions with the domestic ventures.

Poland, which has an important defence industry infrastructure, continues to meet the equipment needs of the army with domestic facilities despite the COVID-19 conditions. According to the announcement from official Twitter account of the Polish Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak, two important procurement agreements are close. Bargaining negotiations with Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW) and Rosomak are about to end. In this context, a contract of 162.3 million USD is foreseen for the acquisition of the third party Rak 120 mm armoured mortar vehicles for the Polish Army.

The minister said on April 25 that 18 thousand Grot C16 5.56 mm infantry rifles were planned to be purchased. With the agreement worth 38.42 million USD, the number of rifles supplied from Fabryka Broni Łucznik-Radom will increase to 68 thousand. Weapons will replace Beryl 5.56 mm infantry rifles that are currently in use.

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