Demand Grows for Rafale Planes
December 4, 2020
Israel to Sell F-16s to Canada
December 5, 2020
Demand Grows for Rafale Planes
December 4, 2020
Israel to Sell F-16s to Canada
December 5, 2020
TUSAŞ’s 2023 Goals Includes 5th Generation Jet Fighter

Turkish Aerospace Industry TUSAŞ General Manager and Board Member Prof.Dr. Temel Kotil, has announced that when 5th generation of jet fighter aircraft TF-X is completed, Turkey will have world class 6,000 engineers.

Kotil has been the guest of the “Domestic and National” program broadcasted on TRT Radio 1 via telephone.

“TF-X Will Exit Hangar Within 2 Years”

He has announced that they are planning to take the TF-X out of the hangar on 18 March 2023. He has noted that they will make the delivery in 2025 and the certification process may take 3 years. He has given the date 2029 for the TF-X for its mass production.

When the project is completed, Turkey will be 4rth country that obtained 5th generation fighter aircraft technology and infrastructure.

“When this plane is finished, we will have 6000 engineers with experience in designing and manufacturing a 5th generation warplane in our country. We have foreign engineers though, but they are few in number. These engineers will create the infrastructure for our future projects”, he quoted.

Kotil has noted that the TF-X project will have Turkey to make a leap in terms of technology, adding “Including manufacturing, design, mechanical testing, total 13 sub sectors also will be world class“.

“Delivery of Atak-2 Helicopter Will Be in 2025”

Prof. Dr. Kotil has stated that the new generation Atak 2 helicopter which is being developed will be completely domestic and national, unlike the first Atak helicopter, and that Atak-2 will be the most advanced helicopter after the US. and Russian ones.

Atak-1’s gearbox and engine are being imported from Italy right now.

He has also compared Atak-2 with US Apachi helicopter:

Apachi’s weight is approximately 8-8.5 tons. Our helicopter is 12 tons. Heavier than Apachi. Atak-2’s weapon loading capability is 1200 kg. whereas today’s Atak’s is 300 kg. Therefore, he will be a real big brother ”.

He stated that Atak 2 was considered for the Navy and aircraft carriers, adding “We are doing it for the Land Forces and Gendarmerie as well“.

Kotil put the dates for Atak-2 as the first flight in 2023 and delivery in 2025.

“First Deliveries of Gökbey Helicopter Comes in 2022”

Prof. Kotil has emphasized that the general purpose helicopter they are developing, Gökbey, will be the first in its class.

He said that the helicopter, which will have a capacity of 12 people and can be used as an ambulance helicopter and carrying soldiers behind the front, is expected to be one of the most popular helicopters in the international market.

He has reported that certification flights are currently taking place.

Stating that they test all the possibilities in the air during these certification flights, and if necessary they disassemble and rebuild them on the ground, Kotil forsaw an at least 2 year period for certification process.

He also explained that they are planning to manifacture 2 Gökbey helicopter per month, 24 helicopter per year.

“Aksungur Can Go Anywhere”

Kotil has declared that TUSAŞ has started for mass production of the drone Aksungur(ANKA-2), the successor of ANKA.

We are also mass-producing our ANKA-2, which can carry more loads and stay in the air more. ANKA-2 has experienced a 48 hour flight. Therefore, to be controlled from a remote location, from any point in Turkey’s control center it can come and go in all directions.”

He has also joked saying “They have not accomplished a world tour yet, but I hope eventually they will.”

“We are Establishing the 4th Largest Composite Factory of the World”

Reminding that they produce components for world giants such as Airbus and Boeing, Kotil has stated that they both create value and learn about manufacturing technology.

Underlining that TAI is not only a component manufacturer but also a solution partner, Kotil has reminded that they have developed thermoplastics and are establishing a new generation factory, world’s 4th largest one, that will only produce composites.

Kotil has also underlined that they provided a net input of 250 million dollars into the Turkish economy by producing components for leading aircraft companies, adding that they aim to increase this amount to 2 billion dollars.

“We are Preparing for the Gallipoli War Victory of 2023”

He has also stated that they are working hard for March 18, 2023, 108th anniversary of Gallipoli War Victory.

Our HÜRKUŞ is flying right now. Our “HÜRJET” will fly on March 18, 2023. The TF-X will be out of the hangar on March 18, 2023 by starting the engine. ATAK-2 will also fly for the first time on March 18, 2023.” he said.

“TAI’s 2028 Target is To Be in Top 10”

Temel Kotil has also announced the 2028 goals of TAI.

Puting “The world does not know about you if you do not enter the top 10“, Kotil has listed their goals as follows:

  • Being among the top 10 defense companies
  • Increasing the number of engineers from 3500 to 10 thousand
  • 10 billion dollars turnover
  • Having share 2% of the world defense market ( it is 53rd among Defense News’s top 100 defense companies right now.)
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