Akıncı Passed Another Test
September 11, 2020
Sivrihisar took Off
September 13, 2020
Turkish SDB on its Way

President of Defence Industries Prof. İsmail Demir announced on his social media account that the Turkish Small Diameter Bomb is in the test phase. Demir said, “4 bombs can be carried on an F-16 wing with the improved multi-transport area. “We aim to integrate the 145-kg Miniature Bomb, which will be two different warheads with penetrating and particle effect, into our UAVs.”

ASELSAN is carrying out the Miniature Bomb Development Project, which is the equivalent of the Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) used by the US Air Force. Thanks to this project, an F-16 aircraft will be able to carry eight miniature bombs instead of two 2000lb Mk-84, for example. The Miniature Bomb aims to provide an air platform with the capability to carry many small bombs that are still suitable to the operation target. Thus, instead of one 2,000 lb bomb, for example, four 500lb SDB packages can be carried on a multiple bomb release. SDBs provide the desired freedom of movement in operation with different warheads. Since the amount of explosive carried by such bombs is low, a precise hit on the target is essential. That's why they are equipped with very precise guidance technology. These bombs reach their target with INS and GPS guidance. With these technical features, the bomb means the domestic equivalent of the SDB FLM (GBU-39A / B) ammunition used by the US Air Force. Thanks to the wing guidance system, which opens after being released from the plane, it can fly far greater distances than conventional ammunition. Depending on the altitude and release speed of the aircraft, it can reach a range of 100 km. Thanks to the warhead it carries, it can pierce 1 meter of reinforced concrete at a range of 65 km. This corresponds to shelters in the middle category. According to the information in the video, in addition to ASELSAN, Tübitak, Turkish Air Force Command, Air Force Test Fleet Command, known as the 401st fleet, served in this study. The 401st fleet includes all aircraft in the Turkish Air Force inventory. The shooting tests seen in the video were made from F-16 Block 50s.


As it is understood from Demir's statement, similar trials of the Teber shooting trials made with the Mk-82 over the Aksungur UAV will be made with this ammunition in the future. The F-16 with multiple releases will be able to carry 2 × 4 ammunition, AKINCI Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 4 and 6, and AKSUNGUR Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 4 ammunition.

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