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April 20, 2018
Eurofighter Offer Submitted to German MoD
April 25, 2018
Turkish Kamikaze Drones On Display at Eurasia Fair

Turkish Defence Technology and Engineering (STM) will unveil its indigenously developed armed 'kamikaze' drones at the Eurasia Airshow to be held in Antalya on 25-29 April. 

The upgraded “kamikaze” drones ALPAGU Blok 2 and KARGU will be able to eliminate targets more efficiently with their new features, such as enhanced ammo capacity. In addition, ALPAGU Blok II was equipped with an enhanced rangefinder system while KARGU, a rotary-winged drone, will be able to carry different types of explosives thanks to its upgraded design.

Davut Yılmaz, the CEO of STM, told Anadolu Agency the drones would boost the country’s defence. “Our upgraded kamikaze drones ALPAGU and KARGU will make big contributions to our operational force by performing surprise attacks against enemies thanks to their superior tactical abilities, specially designed improved shooting capacity, and artificial intelligence technologies,” he said. Yılmaz added that they continue working on autonomous swarm drone technology which will have artificial intelligence. 

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