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September 7, 2020
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September 9, 2020
Turkey’s Simulators to Be Used in the Far East

Turkey-based Simsoft, which has been working on simulation systems, military software, marine systems, avionics system, embedded system, testing software since 2006, has announced its new export.

The company, which has reached an agreement to develop an air defence weapons system simulator with an unnamed Far Eastern country, is aiming for the first quarter of 2021 to complete the export process.

İsmail Bıkmaz, the company's Deputy General Manager, said Simsoft has been working on the air defence weapons system simulator for about two years.

 The company exports simulators to many countries. In February 2019, the training and acceptance tests of the Air Defence Weapon Training Simulator to the Armed Forces of Bangladesh were successfully completed; The simulator was transferred to Bangladesh

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