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March 13, 2020
Russian Navy to Track Black Sea with Ka-31P
March 15, 2020
Tunisia orders Anka-S UAVs from Turkey

Tunisia has ordered Anka-S unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) according to Army recognition. This is TUSAŞ's first export order for the type.

During the Tunisian International Aerospace & Defence Exhibition During (IADE 2020), which took place in Djerba the Tunisian MoD signed a $240 million contract with TUSAŞ for the supply of six ANKA-S UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and three control centres.

The deal was signed including technology transfer between Tunisia and TUSAŞ to assemble the ANKA-S locally with the possibility to sell the UAV to other African countries.

The Anka-S is equipped with an electro-optic colour day camera, electro-optic/forward-looking infrared/laser rangefinder/laser designator and spotter camera, as well as a synthetic aperture radar/ground moving target indicator (SAR/GMTI) and inverse SAR radar, along with satellite communications and electronic intelligence systems.

Last year TUSAŞ and Baykar were bidding to supply the Tunisian military with unmanned aerial vehicles. In December 2019 it was reported that TUSAŞ ended up being the sole contender for the armed UAV contract, with negotiations underway.

A deal for six Anka-S aircraft was finalized in January after a visit by Turkish President Recep Erdogan in December.

The Anka-A first flew in 2010 and entered service with the Turkish military in 2014. The improved Anka-S entered service in 2017. It has a payload of 200 kg and can carry eight Cirit 70 mm rockets or four MAM-L guided missiles

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