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May 5, 2018
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May 8, 2018
Tigon 6×6 Offer to Malaysia

The Republic of Korean Hanwha Defense Systems partnered with the Malaysian firm AVP Engineering to offer the 6×6 Tigon armoured personnel carrier (APC) for a potential Malaysian Army requirement. 

Designed based on Hanwha’s 6×6 Black Fox armoured vehicle, Tigon is able to accommodate up to 11 personnel and can be equipped with additional armour for improved ballistic and mine protection. The APC is fitted with a standard crew-served 12.7 mm machine gun as its main weapon. Hanwha Defense also offers the option of equipping the vehicle with a 12.7 mm and a 30 mm remote weapon station (RWS) or a 90 mm cannon.  

Tigon APC will undergo a number of trials in Malaysia within this month. An initial requirement could be up to 50 units with an upper limit of 100 vehicles said to be required. 

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