New Fast Patrol Boat for Hellenic Coast Guard
January 30, 2020
Spain Acquires 24 PC-21 Aircraft
February 1, 2020
The USA Chooses Greece’s Side in the Mediterranean

Greece's parliament approved an updated Mutual Defence Cooperation Agreement, with the U.S. The updated deal was initially signed in October during a visit by Mike Pompeo. Speaking before the vote in the Greek parliament, Yannis Lambropulos, a member of the conservative New Democracy Party, said, “We are appealing to the support of our allies at a time when we are exposed to threats to our sovereignty.”

The U.S. is also granted priority status for “unimpeded access and use” within 48 hours of the port of Alexandroupolis, a Balkans and the Black Sea gateway of strategic value to the U.S. Navy and NATO.

“This agreement upgrades (Greece's) importance in U.S. planning and can help deterrence,” the defence minister said, adding that U.S. forces are expected to invest over €12 million on the Larissa base and around €6 million at Marathi, part of the U.S. base of Souda.

“I welcome the Greek Parliament's ratification of our updated Mutual Defence Cooperation Agreement, a strategic touchstone in our defence relationship. Greece is a key NATO ally, and we'll continue to build on our strong partnership and promote stability in the region,” Pompeo posted on his personal Twitter account.

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