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October 21, 2018
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October 23, 2018
The Quantum Step from Boeing

Boeing has added a new one to its future investments. An organization on quantum and neuromorphic technologies for computer and communication technologies, which are expected to be needed by the military and civilian units in the future. With this step, the company aims to carry out important studies on quantum communication and computer systems, neuromorphic processing and advanced sensing technologies. Charles Toups, who is former vice president and general manager of Boeing's Research and Technology was appointed to the head of organization.


Quantum physics enables the development of more powerful computers for military use. It is believed that this computer technology can solve problems in the commercial aviation sector much faster than conventional computers. Again, the quantum-based communication network will be much faster and safer than traditional communication networks.


In April, Canada announced that quantum-based radars could be more effective in stealth aircrafts. China, which has been conducting extensive studies on quantum in recent years, announced that they have tested a quantum communication network, which they described as non-hackable. Neuromorphic processing technology is based on the principle of producing stronger chips for the purpose of developing computer operations and thus simulating the functions of the human brain. In this way, stronger artificial intelligence programs are aimed to be developed.

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