New Fast Patrol Boat for Hellenic Coast Guard
January 30, 2020
Spain Acquires 24 PC-21 Aircraft
February 1, 2020
Thales Mortar for SCORPION

The sixth procurement contract was announced in the SCORPION Program, which was launched by the France to meet modern battlefield requirements and to adapt its configuration to network-centric warfare.

Under the agreement, called MEPAC and signed on December 30, 54 Griffon VBMRs equipped with a mortar will be supplied for the French Army. Within the SCORPION Program, DGA plans to procure 1872 Griffons by 2025. The armoured mortar vehicle variant of the Griffons, will be equipped with Thales 120 mm 2R2M (Rifled Recoiled Mounted Mortar) system.

The 2R2M mortars, which were first time preferred by the French Armed Forces, are currently using in four countries. Especially developed for vehicle-deployed usage system can make high precision shots thanks to its automatic aiming and inertial navigation system. Thanks to its low weight, the system, which can fire 10 rounds per minute, is suitable for use in 10-15 ton class wheeled vehicles.

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