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September 4, 2018
Maiden Flight From T625
September 6, 2018
TARDEC Announces New Generation Armour

The US Army Tank Automotive Research and Development Centre (TARDEC) has announced that it is working on a new generation of armour for armoured combat vehicles. The layered protection systems that are developed for the vehicles that will land on the battlefield in the future will increase the survivability of the vehicles.


The ERA kits, which have a different working style than the traditional methods developed by the Centre, also include V-shaped panels placed on top of the main module. This increases the level of protection of the vehicle while saving weight. In addition, work continues to be done to minimize the impact effect on other modules on the vehicle and to increase the efficiency of the system.


It is aimed to lower life cycle costs on the basis of the counterparts of the armour kits that are planned to be used in the next generation combat vehicle which will be developed for the needs of the army.

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