Greece to Upgrade Coast Guard Air Platforms
May 4, 2020
Domestic 7,62×51 mm Armour Piercing Ammunition
May 6, 2020
Tank Destroyer Request

Neither economic restrictions nor the virus epidemic is able to ensure the reduction of tension in the Far East.

The countries in the region, especially in China and Japan, which cannot have a strong army as per their laws, continue to be armed. While modernizing the army on the one hand, and working on improving its capabilities on the other, Japan adds new defence systems to its inventory. In this context, the Japan Ground Self Defense Force requested 33 additional Type 16 fire support vehicles. It is stated that the total cost of MCV programme to Tokyo will be 2.2 billion USD.

Japan, which has reducing the number of main battle tanks in its inventory, plans to assign the platforms it has transformed into Rapid Deployment Brigades and Rapid Deployment Divisions. Type 16s, which can perform tasks such as field defence and tactical reconnaissance, equipped with 105 mm 52 calibre main weapon. In this way, the vehicle, which can engage in soft targets in addition to heavy armoured elements such as tanks, weighs 26 tons. The platform can reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h and 400 km operational range.

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