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May 29, 2020
Air-to-Ground Ammunition Selection of Fifth Generation
May 31, 2020
Taiwan Announces Readiness for China’s Military Intervention

China's refusal to formally accept Taiwan and increase its political stance against the country's independence.

At a meeting of china's National People's Congress in 2005, a bill against Taiwan's independence was unanimously adopted. On the anniversary of the Separatist Law on Friday, a senior Chinese general threatened that “Taiwan will intervene to block independence” if Beijing has no choice.

Taiwan's National Defence Minister Yen Teh-fa said the Communist Party of China had long been a threat to the island nation, so they were prepared for military intervention. Yen said the situation in the Taiwan Strait has become increasingly dire. He said Taiwan’s Armed Forces were cautious in assessing the political dynamics in the region, doing a good job protecting the nation and ready for the “worst” in relations with China. 

Last week, China's National People's Congress approved a proposed national security law for Hong Kong. Then protests were held in Hong Kong against the bill, and some activists were detained.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said he supported activists in Hong Kong on Friday.

The new law adopted by the National People's Congress criminalized the separation from China, weakening the authority of the central government, the use of terrorism and violence against the public, and the activities of foreign forces interfering in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong last year, pro-democracy, anti-government protests lasted for months. These protests ended slowly in November, when pro-democracy activists made gains in local elections.

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