Technology News Issue 72
April 11, 2019
AW101 Helicopters for Polish Navy
April 14, 2019
Surrendering to Technical “PR” in F-35/S-400 Debate

Considered as the unofficial publication of the US Air Forces, the “Air Force Times” (AFT) has recently launched an article on the F-35/S-400 debate. Written by Kyle Rempfer, the analysis offers technical arguments with respect to potential negative impact on the USA of the S-400 air defence system to be deployed on Turkish soil. This biased text was so out of reality that it became necessary to separate fact from fiction.

The main statement and five related arguments of the text are as follows: Libya was easily bombarded since it lacked the Integrated Air Defence System. A system like the S-400 would test the capabilities of the United States. This is not tantamount to saying that “The USA will attack Turkey.”

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