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February 3, 2023
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February 3, 2023
Strategic Agreement Between STM and NATO

T.R. Under the leadership of the Presidency Defence Industry Agency, STM Defence Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. realized one of the most important export successes of the Turkish defence industry in the field of software. STM will develop software for NATO’s intelligence infrastructure. Intelligence sharing between all NATO headquarters around the world will be done through this software. The project was also recorded as one of the largest export projects that Türkiye received from NATO in the field of software.

After the technical and administrative negotiations, a contract was signed between STM and NCI Agency. The kick-off meeting of the INTEL-FS Project was held at the NCIA Centre in Den Haag, Netherlands.

STM has won two important tenders for the direction, collection, processing and distribution of intelligence within the scope of NATO by the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency), which is responsible for the procurement, installation and maintenance of communication and information systems for decision makers and command in NATO. .

With the software to be developed within the scope of the project, STM will provide the direction, collection, processing, and distribution of intelligence for NATO commands. All NATO headquarters and bases in the world will conduct their intelligence flows through this software that STM will develop and modernize. The INTEL-FS Projects, which will modernize NATO’s intelligence infrastructure, are planned to take approximately 3.5 years. INTEL-FS projects stand out as one of the largest-scale contracts signed by a Turkish company with NCI Agency.

In his statement on the subject, STM General Manager Özgür Güleryüz said: “As STM, we successfully completed the NATO Integrated Elasticity Decision Support Model and NATO Integration Core Project. Now, with our competence in software development, we will enable the technological transformation of NATO’s intelligence infrastructure. With the INTEL-FS project, which we will sign as a management information system, NATO commands will access all kinds of intelligence data with modern interfaces that give importance to user experience. The entire project will be carried out by Turkish engineers. We started working on the project with our expert staff of approximately 100 people. In one leg of the project, we will develop ‘back-end’ services that provide the ability to direct, collect, process, distribute and use intelligence information and are described as back-end, and on the other leg, we will develop modern user interfaces with the latest technology. At the same time, INTEL-FS will be a serious integration project that brings software together. The extensibility of the software is also an important factor. With the software we have started to develop, we will add a reliable and business continuity-focused system to NATO’s intelligence infrastructure.”

Güleryüz also stated that an important experience gain will be developed with this project and said: “An operational capability will be created in terms of data analysis. With the experience and new knowledge, we will gain in the project, we will always be ready for the similar needs of our domestic intelligence and security units.” Referring to the importance of INTEL-FS Projects in exports, Güleryüz said, “It is a source of pride for us that INTEL-FS is one of the largest export projects Türkiye has received from NATO in the field of software development. Our engineering experience in defence and informatics will continue to contribute to Türkiye export targets with products and solutions with high added value.”

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