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June 24, 2018
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June 26, 2018
STM competes for Brazilian CCT

STM announced from its twitter account that the company has signed an MoU with Brasfels Shipyard, Brazil to bid on the Brazilian Navy's Tamandaré-class Corvette (CCT) Project. STM and Brasfels Shipyard will be competing against nine contenders. CCT for Brasil is a variant of the MILGEM Ada Class Corvette.

The Navy received on June 18th, nine commercial proposals from companies interested in building the CCT project. According to the Brazilian naval force, the proposals will now be analysed from a technical, legal, fiscal, budgetary and financial point of view. According to the Navy, the announcement of the short list is scheduled for August 27 and the best offer will be announced on October 29.

The participating shipyards are Brasfels (RJ), Enseada Indústria Naval (BA), Inace (CE), Mac Laren (RJ), Oceana (SC), Wilson Sons (SP), Vard Promar (RJ) and the Sinergy group, which controls the Eisa and Mauá shipyards in Rio de Janeiro. These proposals preliminarily indicate the participation of the following national and international companies, in consortium formation or in groups:

BAE Systems, Consub Defesa Tecnologia SA and Mac Laren Oil Estaleiros Ltda ;”Blue Waters” Consortium – Atech Negócios em Tecnologias SA, Embraer SA and Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH, with the following subcontractors: Ares Aeroespacial and Defesa SA, Fundação Ezute, Oceana Estaleiro SA , Omnisys Engenharia Ltda, SKM Eletro Eletrônica Ltda and WEG electrical equipment SA; Consortium “Damen Saab Tamandaré” – Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding BV and Saab AB, counting on the following subcontractors: Consub Defense and Technology SA, Weg electrical equipment SA, and Wilson Sons Estaleiros Ltda; Consortium “FLV” – Ficantieri SpA, Leonardo SpA and Vard Promar SA, with the following subcontractors: Fundação Ezute and Ares Aeroespacial e Defesa SA; Consortium “Villegagnon” – Naval Group, Enseada Indústria Naval SA and Mectron SA; GOA Shipyard Limited, Ceará Naval Industry (Inace) , Ezute Foundation and SKM Eletro Eletrônica Ltda; GRSE – Garden Research Shipbuilder Engineers, ELBIT Systems Ltd and Sinergy Group Corporate ; STM, Estaleiro Brasfels Ltda ., Fundação Ezute, Thales, and Omnisys Engenharia Ltda .; UKRINMASH, THALES and Navy Arsenal of Rio de Janeiro (AMRJ) .

CHARACTERISTICS Corvetas Classe Tamandaré

Total length 103.4 m

Length of water line 94.20 m

Maximum Displacement 2,790 t

Maximum speed 25 knots

The “Tamandaré” Corvette (CCT) was designed by the Ship Design Center of the Brazilian Navy (CPN) under the “stealth” concept. It is an evolution of the classes “Inhaúma” and “Barroso”. The CCT is designed to be a powerful platform for miscellaneous missions and for employment against air, surface and submarine threats. The ship can be configured with various systems and weapons, such as medium and thick guns, machine guns and tactical control systems. The corvette also has a hangar for helicopter. 

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