US’ Mark VI Patrol Boats at Black Sea
June 17, 2020
New Assault Rifle Selection
June 19, 2020
State Trials of Hydrographic Vessel Completed

Hydrographic survey vessels are important for scanning the sea/ocean floor, seawater temperature, current measurement, bottom mapping and detecting the actual locations of the wrecks.

According to the statement made by Russia, the state trials of RFNS Nikolai Skosyrev, built in Vympel Shipyard in Rybinsk, have been completed. The activities carried out under the responsibility of the Northern Fleet were carried out in the Kola Bay and the Barents Sea. In the trials that continued for two weeks, speed, performance, marine capabilities, seaworthiness, cargo-handling device, hydrographic equipment and navigation systems were tested. In the last phase of the four-day trials in the Barents Sea, the platform completed its acceptance activities by meeting certain parameters in its mission scenarios.

The Project 19910 was developed to serve in coastal waters as the hydrographic vessel, with hydrography and navigation equipment that it contains. Platform which main task is the setup and remove navigational sea buoys, repair and recharge them on the sea; also suitable for the transportation of different materials. Displacement of RFNS Nikolai Skosyrev is 1000 tons and she is 60 meters long. The ship, which has 3,500 nautical miles range, can cruise for 25 days with 22 crew members. The platform has an ice-resistant structure, can continue its movement in ice-covered areas with an 80 centimetres thickness.

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