Sarsılmaz’s MPT-76 is Ready
January 10, 2018
Wi-Fi gets in battlefield
January 13, 2018
Solution Quest for Autonomous Helo

The French defence procurement agency has awarded a contract for technology development in the field of rotary-wing drones to the Naval Group and Airbus Helicopters consortium. Announced on 11 January, the contract covers de-risking studies ahead of construction of a VSR700 demonstrator. The study will help select the principal technologies for the Navy Airborne Drone System (SDAM) and the identification of the technical risks necessary for initiating and realising the programme. 

 700-kg VSR700 drone system was designed based on Cabri G2 light helicopter and can exceed 10 flight hours of operational autonomy with a payload capacity of up to 150 kg. 

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