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April 10, 2019
TOS-1 in the Arabian Peninsula
April 12, 2019
Snow Trials for ST Engineering Bronco 3

With the vehicle now ready for production, ST Engineering is finishing the Bronco 3 testing. Cold weather trials are being carried out at Ivalo, a village located in Lapland, northern Finland, at 68.6576° N latitude.

Trials are conducted at Test World, a specialised facility part of the Millbrook Group, where many car and tires manufacturers come to test their products in winter conditions. The Singaporean company exploited the opportunity to gather a certain number of potential customers and, the following day, a small group of defence journalists, for a hands-on trial on the latest member of the Bronco articulated high mobility vehicle. For those who are not familiar with such type of vehicle, this is made of two tracked modules linked by an articulated joint that transmits the motion to the tracks of the rear vehicle, the angle between the two modules allowing steering. The front module hosts four soldiers and the engine while the rear one hosts up to 8 soldiers, the module being easily interchangeable in order to quickly adapt the Bronco 3 to the mission.

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