Germany to buy Hercules
May 5, 2018
Remote-controlled AMAZON in Efes’18
May 8, 2018
Sleeves Rolled Up for An-188

Ukraine and Turkey are moving to a practical implementation of the joint project on An-188 military transport aircraft. 

The military transport aircraft project involves westernization of all components, implementation of modern and reliable technical solutions, as well as full compliance with NATO standards, both in terms of equipment and the use of the aircraft. 

The An-188 will be able to carry up to 50 tons, including military and construction equipment, helicopters, up to 300 soldiers, as well as humanitarian cargoes, pallets and containers. The aircraft will be capable of basing on different airfields, including airstrips, and landing on short runways of only 600-800 m in length. The project also involves using modern cost-effective turbojet engines, providing high speed and significant range of flight. 

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