Airbus, to develop automated refuelling for RAAF KC-30A
March 5, 2017
15 Responses to UAV Inquiry
March 7, 2017
Serial Production Time for KORKUT

Turkish defence company ASELSAN being the main contractor and FNSS being the subcontractor, KORKUT project has come to a new stage in development process. Self-Propelled Low Altitude Air Defence Weapon System (KORKUT) is getting ready for serial production. developed under the contract signed between ASELSAN and FNSS on 25 June 2011, KORKUT consists of the Command Control Vehicle (KKA) and the Weapon System Vehicle (SSA). The most striking characteristic of KORKUT, which offers high suspension capacity, high power group performance and large interior volume, is that it can also be configured as amphibious vehicle. Qualification tests and mass production activities will be realized within the scope of mass production period of this unique vehicle. The first group of vehicles to be produced by FNSS are scheduled to be delivered to ASELSAN in May 2018.

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